Health Benefits Of Eating Berries

health benefits of eating berries

health benefits of eating berries

You might know a number of berries but do you the health benefits of the berries? Many people tend to eat the berries for fun, which would be less than the number recommended by nutritionists. There is the need to keep in mind that berries too can help you in many ways. The berries are low in the calorie levels. They give you just enough calories to give you enough energy that the body needs. In addition, the berries are also a great source of compounds that are aimed at protecting the body from common diseases. More health benefits include

i. Presence of fiber
ii. Vitamins and minerals
iii. Cancer prevention

For most people, they tend to fall short on their fiber when eating an average diet. You need to ensure that per day you eat close to 20grams of fiber. If you do not want to stick to some serious dieting, treat yourself to an amazing diet of berries. The berries have enough fiber required in your diet daily. The fiber is essential for the normal functions of the digestive system and prevention of constipation. The regular eating of the fiber will go a long way in preventing common heart diseases and other types of cancer. The berries do contain vitamin C, which is an important nutrient in the body. The nutrient is responsible for preventing certain types of infections and supports the immune system to stay strong. The berries are also rich in Folate. The compound Folate is important in DNA formation and prevention of common birth defects.

When it was first mentioned that the berries could help in preventing cancer, many people did not believe it. The berries do contain antioxidants that will help in fighting disease-causing organisms. The antioxidants also help in protecting the cells from any sort of damage that could lead to cancer. Various reports have indicated that the berries are responsible for inhibiting the formation and growth of common cancer tumors. Even if the cancer has already started, the berries can help in stopping the growth of the cancer cells. You need a bowl of fresh berries every day. The fresh berries are good since they still have more nutrients. You can top the berries up with low fat yoghurt, and honey to make a nutritious dessert.